Hooks & Runs

Ep. 103 - Andrew's Ryan Pressly Anxiety Exposed!

June 08, 2022 A podcast about baseball, music and culture. Season 3 Episode 103
Hooks & Runs
Ep. 103 - Andrew's Ryan Pressly Anxiety Exposed!
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This week, Craig shills Hooks & Runs' Spotify playlists; the gang discusses Houston signing Yordan Alvarez to a 6-year, $115M contract and also, the 2022 luxury tax results.

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Rex: Anthrax is releasing their 40 year anniversary record, "Anthrax XL," on July 15 -- they are streaming "Aftershock" as a teaser this week.
Andrew: Andrew went fishing this week and came back with sea shanties on the brain. He recommends The the British folk group Longest Johns and the first song on their January 2022 album "Smoke and Oakum," the Stephen Foster tune "Hard Times Come Again No More."
Craig: Long-time Craig favorite, The Drive-By Truckers, released their latest LP, "Welcome 2 Club XIII" on May 20th (ATO Records). This is the album's first single, "The Driver." This song is NSFW.

Errata: Aaron Judge is actually on pace to hit 64 home runs and drive in 133 runs. The Oakland A's ballpark is called Oakland Coliseum.

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