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Ep. 106 - Baseball Rebels w/ Professor Peter Dreier

July 02, 2022 Professor Peter Dreier, Occidental College Season 3 Episode 106
Hooks & Runs
Ep. 106 - Baseball Rebels w/ Professor Peter Dreier
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This week Professor Peter Dreier (Occidental College) joins Hooks & Runs to discuss his new book, "Baseball Rebels: The Players, People and Social Movements That Shook Up the Game and Changed America" (Univ. Nebraska Press, 2022), co-authored with Prof. Robert Elias. The conversation covers not only well known names in baseball history like Bill Veeck and Larry Doby but also little known players almost forgotten by history. You'll hear amazing stories about people like Octavius Catto, Sam Nahem, Jackie Mitchell and more. This is a highly recommended book.

Dreier and Elias, incidentally, also released a companion book, "Major League Rebels: Baseball Battles Over Workers' Rights and American Empire" (Rowman & Littlefield, 2022).

"Previously on Hooks & Runs" - Professor Jeremi Duru on Curt Flood (Ep. 104).

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Prof. Dreier
 recommends The History Channel's documentary, "After Jackie"
Rex recommends the new single from Megadeth, "We'll Be Back."
Andrew recommends "Operation Mincemeat," starring Colin Firth and available on Netflix.
Craig recommends the new album from a reunited Porcupine Tree, "Closure/Continuation." This is "Of the New Day."

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Introduction - Houston's No-Hits the Yankees
Introducing Professor Peter Dreier & Baseball Rebels
Race & Baseball: Octavio Catto and Bill Veeck
Sam Nahem & the G.I. World Series of 1945
Women & Baseball
Kim Ng and the Future Breakthroughs
Growing Up a Giants Fan
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