Hooks & Runs

Ep. 115 - On College Football's Changing Landscape w/ Grant McGalliard (Purple Theory)

September 01, 2022 A podcast about baseball, music and culture. Season 3 Episode 115
Hooks & Runs
Ep. 115 - On College Football's Changing Landscape w/ Grant McGalliard (Purple Theory)
Show Notes

Hooks & Runs takes a brief detour from the pennant races to look at the 2022 college football season and in particular, the sport's changing landscape as the FBS conferences confront realignment, new TV deals, changes to the playoff system and more. Grant McGalliard, co-host of Purple Theory, a  podcast about college football numbers and narratives, focusing on TCU and the Big 12, joins us in studio (our first in-studio guest) to play what-if as to the various scenarios making the circuit. After that discussion, the Astros injury situation, hard times in Boston & San Francisco, a really expensive Mickey Mantle baseball card plus, of course, "Check It Out."

Errata: Scott Frost was 19-7 at UCF, not 25-1. The split national championship we had in mind was Colorado & Georgia Tech in 1990. BYU won an outright title in 1984; Colorado's title share was aided in substantial part by a free fifth down in their game that year ('90) against Missouri, which is how the Tigers got into the discussion. Colorado's Coach, Bill McCartney, did not exactly follow in Carl Snavely's footsteps in the 1990 fifth down game's aftermath. North Carolina, as Craig mentioned at first, beat Florida A&M last week, not Florida State, as he said later.

Check It Out:
Andrew recommends HBO's "Game of Thrones" prequel, "House of the Dragon." Don't get us started!
Grant recommends the single "Tornados" by Kentucky-based singer-songwriter Dalton Mills, from his 2020 self-titled LP.
Craig recommends the new single from Rich O'Toole, "Love on a Sunday" (YouTube // Amazon download). Rich was our guest on the podcast in Episode 83 early in 2022.

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