Hooks & Runs

Ep. 116 - You Didn't Tell Me There Would Be Snakes

September 07, 2022 A podcast about baseball, music and culture. Season 1 Episode 116
Hooks & Runs
Ep. 116 - You Didn't Tell Me There Would Be Snakes
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This week on Hooks & Runs, an appreciation for Wash Allen and The Wash Allen Show, a Houston institution; Craig made a guest appearance on the Chaotically Intolerant Podcast; on being a week early in our college football episode; our two cents on the 2023 MLB schedule and its balanced format; revisiting the Jeff Bagwell trade; who's hot & who's not with a month to go in the MLB season plus Check It Out!
Chaotically Intolerant:  https://linktr.ee/chaoticallyintolerant

Check It Out
Andrew recommends "Welcome to Wrexham," an FX " docuseries tracking the dreams and worries of Wrexham, a working-class town in North Wales, UK, as two Hollywood stars take ownership of the town’s historic yet struggling football club." The two stars are  Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds.
Link: https://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/welcome-to-wrexham
Rex recommends UFO's 1977 single "Lights Out," and has best wishes for a quick recovery for the band's singer, Phil Mogg, who suffered a major heart attack last week as the band prepared to kick off its farewell tour.
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7Gjj-mLpUk
Craig recommends Pat Green's first album in seven years, "Miles and Miles of You." This is the title cut.
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvZbtthTJZ8

Errata: Kōtarō Isaka's book upon which the film "Bullet Train" is based was originally titled  "Maria Bītoru," which translates to "Maria Beetle." Publishers sold the book in the US under the title "Bullet Train." Five NFL teams have made the playoffs with sub-.500 records - Cleveland (4-5) and Detroit (4-5) (go figure those two) in the lockout-shortened 1982 season, Seattle (7-9) in 2010, Carolina (7-8-1) in 2014 and Washington (7-9) in 2020. The 1962 NY Mets finished 40-120-1. The song is called "Take Me Out to a Dance Hall."

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Intro - The Wash Allen Show
The Chaotically Intolerant Podcast
College Football has a New Playoff
The 2013 MLB Schedule
Larry Andersen for Jeff Bagwell Revisited
You Didn't Tell Me There Would Be Snakes
Hunter Brown's Debut
Who's Hot; Who's Not
Check It Out: Welcome to Wrexham, UFO, Pat Green