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119 - Dylan's "Time Out of Mind" at 25 w/ Prof. Quentin Miller

September 27, 2022 Professor D. Quentin Miller Season 3 Episode 119
Hooks & Runs
119 - Dylan's "Time Out of Mind" at 25 w/ Prof. Quentin Miller
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This week, Prof. D. Quentin Miller (Suffolk) joins us to discuss Bob Dylan's Grammy winning album Time Out of Mind on its 25th Anniversary. What does a great album mean to us in the streaming age? Also, more historic home run balls, Cleveland's surge, Astro & Dodger firsts, and more baseball as the season draws to a close.

Check It Out:
Prof. Miller recommends "Shuggie Bain," a novel by Douglas Stuart (not Douglas Adams).

D. Quentin Miller at Suffolk Univ. - https://tinyurl.com/hooksmiller
Books by D. Quentin Miller at bookshop.org - https://tinyurl.com/hooksdqmbooks

Errata: The book about the album Prof. Miller reviewed is "Dreams and Dialogs in Dylan's Time Out of Mind," by Graley Herren (2021). The second Dylan single released before Rough and Rowdy Ways  in 2020 was "I Contain Multitudes."

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Introduction & Hurricane Ian
Prof.Quentin Miller on Time Out of Mind
Ranking Time Out of Mind in the Dylan Canon
Dylan's Legacy
Prof. Miller is a Red Sox Fan
Q&A #1 - Home Run Balls
Q&A #2 - Alex Manoah
Q&A #3 - Cleveland Rocks!
Q&A #4 - Astro and Dodger Firsts
Q&A #5 - Does Aaron Judge Need a Foil?
Q&A #6 - Seattle Mariners