Hooks & Runs

120 - We Are Not Meteorologists

October 04, 2022 A podcast about baseball, music and culture. Season 3 Episode 120
Hooks & Runs
120 - We Are Not Meteorologists
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The Seahawks and Lions produce an improbable Scorigami as Andrew wrestles with the concept. The Braves sweep the Mets and prove the Hooks & Runs teams are not meteorologists. The playoffs are all but set. Aaron Judge hits No. 62. Craig goes to an Astro game and has too much time on his hands. Rex sees Riot Act at Warehouse Live.

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Rex recommends Riot Act's 2020 single "Overdrive."
Craig recommends The Black Angels' new album "Wilderness of Mirrors," released September 16 on Partisan Records - this is "El Jardin."
Andrew recommends Atrial's new single "Respect the Set."

Errata: The movie is "Crazy Heart," the song is "The Weary Kind," and the actor is Jeff Bridges. The 13th Floor Elevators was an Austin band that broke up in 1969. 

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Introduction: Scorigami!
We Are Not Meteorologists
Number 62
Craig Goes to an Astro Game
Rex Goes to a Riot Act Show
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