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121 - About That Yordan Alvarez Home Run!

October 12, 2022 Season 3 Episode 121
Hooks & Runs
121 - About That Yordan Alvarez Home Run!
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We start this week's episode in the cheeriest of moods following Yordan Alvarez's dramatic walk-off home run to give Houston a 1-0 lead in the best of five Divisional Series with Seattle. From there we contemplate whether home field advantage any big advantage at all in baseball, meditate over how much if at all the 5-days rest will effect the four teams that earned byes, and gravitate to the recent Right Said Fred vs. Beyoncé  kerfuffle.

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Craig - John Fullbright's new album "Liar." This is "Unlocked Doors."
Rex - Cobra Spell's new single "Flaming Heart."
Andrew - Paramore's new single "This is Why."

Errata: The Padres, not the Phillies won more games on the road than at home in 2022, after adding in the Wild Card round results. The NFL blackout rule has been suspended (not overturned) since 2015. Vanilla Ice released "Ice Ice Baby" in August 1990, which technically is the last year of the 1980's in a way.  Beyoncé's self titled LP was nominated for a Grammy Best Album in 2014, not "Lemonade," which came next.

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About That Yordan Alvarez Home Run
What's Goin' On With the Home Field?
Why Is It the Mets?
Maybe Byes Are Not All That in Baseball
Beyoncé vs Right Said Fred
Eight Producers for a Three Minute Thirty Second Pop Song
Nobody Knows the Other Two
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