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122 - The Ones Complaining Are the Ones That Lost w/ Alex Boyajian

October 19, 2022 Alex Boyajian, Chaotically Intolerent Podcast Season 3 Episode 122
Hooks & Runs
122 - The Ones Complaining Are the Ones That Lost w/ Alex Boyajian
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Alex Boyajian from Chaotically Intolerant (links below) joins us this week to discuss all things baseball including the ideal playoff format for baseball, the just completed divisional series, the upcoming league championship series, the Judge vs Ohtani debate and more.

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Check It Out:
Rex - Loose Helmet's Demo on Bandcamp (NSFW, you are warned)
Alex - Man of Steel, Black Adam, The Simpons.
Andrew - Nothing More's new album "Spirits;" this is the band's official video for "Best Times."
Craig - Preoccupations' new album "Arrangements," released September 9, 2022. This is the song "Slowly."

Errata: To Craig's surprise, the San Diego Padres had the fifth highest opening day payroll in 2022. The Chicago Dogs play in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball with team like the Milwaukee Milkmen, the Kansas City Monarchs and Winnipeg Goldeyes. The Padres were 44-37 at home and 45-36 on the road - the only team in the playoffs that had a better record on the road.  Aaron Judge had 16 more home runs than his nearest competitor, Kyle Schwarber, who it 46. This gap is the largest since 1932. Tennessee's next opponent is not Vanderbilt - it's Tennessee-Martin.

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