Hooks & Runs

125 - The Astros Won the World Series Title This Weekend

November 10, 2022 A podcast about baseball, music and culture. Season 3 Episode 125
Hooks & Runs
125 - The Astros Won the World Series Title This Weekend
Show Notes

Rex and Craig this week dive into the Astros stirring three game run to clinch the 2022 World Series and review how many players started their professional careers with meager signing bonuses, were low round draft picks or were acquired by Houston for a song. Meanwhile, Houston as seen over $600 million in guaranteed player contracts walk out their door - and they keep finding replacements and keep winning. At least so far.

Check It Out
Rex: The Canadian metal band Caldron's 2012 single "Nitebreaker"
Craig: Black Box Recorder's Luke Haines and REM guitarist Peter Buck released their second album, "All the Kids are Super Bummed Out" on Cherry Red Records. This is "The British Army Is On LSD."

Errata: Sorry, but we forgot to turn off the air conditioner - that's usually Andrew's job. Don Larsen's perfect game was Game 5.

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