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126 - Culture Turns Out to Win in the Long Run w/ Matt Harlan

November 18, 2022 Houston troubadour Matt Harlan Season 3 Episode 126
Hooks & Runs
126 - Culture Turns Out to Win in the Long Run w/ Matt Harlan
Show Notes

Matt Harlan is a "troubadour of the first degree," and a guiding light in the Houston folk and Americana scene for over a decade. Harlan has released five studio albums and has earned a devoted following in the American Southwest and in Europe. He has won several songwriting awards and appeared in the film "For the Sake of the Song: The Anderson Fair Story." He joins us this episode to talk about his latest LP, "Best Beasts;" Texas music's enduring popularity in Europe; and the Houston music scene in the pandemic's aftermath.

Also this episode, a few thoughts on the Hall of Fame's Contemporary Baseball Era ballot and yes, Craig already has Albert Bell buyer's remorse.

"Catching On," "Best Beasts," and "Elevator Ride" appear courtesy of Matt Harlan. All rights are reserved to him. Thank you, Matt!

Matt Harlan's official website: https://www.mattharlan.com/
Matt Harlan on Bandcamp: https://mattharlan.bandcamp.com/. Support artists by purchasing their music at shows or via Bandcamp.
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"Elevator Ride" on You Tube: https://tinyurl.com/hooks126mher

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