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127 - The Old Ballparks Project, Part I

November 24, 2022 A podcast about baseball, music and culture. Season 3 Episode 127
Hooks & Runs
127 - The Old Ballparks Project, Part I
Show Notes

The Old Ballpark Project, Part I: Next Thing You Know You're in Baltimore.

This week features part one in the three-part old ballpark project. The parks featured this week ranked 11-15. If you cannot access the links on your platform, go here:

15. The Baker Bowl, Philadelphia
Photo: Shibe Park in the foreground, The Baker Bowl in the background
Yahoo: Babe Ruth's next-to-last game, at The Baker Bowl, May 29, 1935.
14. Crosley Field, Cincinnati
An early Crosley Field photo
13. Ebbets Field, Brooklyn
The Lost Ballparks, Ebbets Field, You Tube
12. Sportsman's Park, St. Louis

Sportsman's Park - Field Level, 1946
11. Shibe Park (Connie Mack Stadium), Philadelphia
Last Game at Connie Mack Stadium, YouTube

Check It Out
Andrew - Pup's Live EP, "Pup Unravels Live In Front of Everyone They Know"
Craig - Caitlin Rose first album since 2013, "CAZIMI," released November 18
Rex - Sex Machineguns' new single "Burn"

Errata: Leo Durocher managed briefly in Japan after leaving the Houston Astros.

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