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128 - On Anonymous Club, the Film w/ Danny Cohen

November 30, 2022 Australian filmmaker Danny Cohen Season 3 Episode 128
Hooks & Runs
128 - On Anonymous Club, the Film w/ Danny Cohen
Show Notes

Danny Cohen's debut feature film, "Anonymous Club" is a documentary about Australian musican, singer and songwriter Courtney Barnett, a Hooks & Runs (well, Craig) favorite. Cohen joins us this episode to discuss Barnett, the film and the unique process employed to achieve the final result. Anonymous Club debuted in the US at SXSW in March 2022 and is currently available on streaming services. Oh yeah - the Astros signed Jose Abreu this week too.

Danny Cohen: https://dannycohen.com/
Anonymous Club: https://www.anonymousclubfilm.com/
Anonymous Club official trailer

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