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132 - The Hooks & Runs Best of 2022 Year-End Music Review

December 25, 2022 A podcast about baseball, music and culture. Season 3 Episode 132
Hooks & Runs
132 - The Hooks & Runs Best of 2022 Year-End Music Review
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Hooks & Runs closes Season 3 with its annual best of 2022 music review. Artists featured are, in order of appearance, Riot Act, Saxon, Tygers of Pan Tang, Tokyo Blade, Michael Schenker Group, Post Malone, Joji, Frank Turner, The Front Bottoms, Nothing More, Amanda Shires, Just Mustard, Spoon, Wilco, Gregor Barnett, Skid Row, Grim Reaper, Jimi Hendrix Experience, My Chemical Romance, Duster, The Rolling Stones and Anaïs Mitchell.

Also this episode - Carlos Correa signs with the Giants (Post Script: not so fast there...) and Cecily Strong leaves Saturday Night Live.

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Errata: After we recorded this broadcast, the Giants balked on Correa after receiving results from Correa's physical. The Mets immediately came to terms with Correa and his agent, Scott Boras and as this is being typed on Christmas day, the Mets have similar concerns.  According to Cot's Contracts, the Mets have an opening day 2023 payroll of $365 million (including Correa), which is about $150 million over the luxury tax mark.  This would result in a $111 million tax.

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