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136 - The 1969 Seattle Pilots & the Early Expansion Era w/ Andy McCue

January 26, 2023 A podcast about baseball, music and culture. Season 4 Episode 136
Hooks & Runs
136 - The 1969 Seattle Pilots & the Early Expansion Era w/ Andy McCue
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Author Andy McCue joins Craig and Rex this week to talk about his 2022 book, "Stumbling around the Bases: The American League’s Mismanagement in the Expansion Eras," and his recent article from the Fall 2022 SABR Baseball Research Journal, "The Doomed Pilots of 1969: The Results of Advice Ignored." McCue takes us on a whirlwind journey through the expansion era's first decade, focusing on the unforgettable 1969  Seattle Pilot debacle. Don't miss this one!

Andy McCue's SABR Page
"Stumbling Around the Bases" at Bookshop.org (affiliate)
"The Doomed Pilots..." at SABR

Errata:  The Seattle SuperSonics began play in Seattle in 1967. SABR stands for the Society FOR American Baseball Research (sabr.org).

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Introducing Andy McCue
Early Franchise Movement - 1901-57
The 1961-62 Expansions & Finley's A's
The Four-Team Expansion in 1969
The Sick's Stadium Conundrum
The Pilots Go to Court & The Milwaukee Move
Aftermath: The 1977 AL Expansion
Oakland, Tampa and Future Expansion
On the Society for American Baseball Research