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142 - The 1919 Black Sox w/ Jacob Pomrenke

March 08, 2023 Jacob Pomrenke, editor, "Scandal on the South Side: The 1919 Chicago White Sox" Season 4 Episode 142
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142 - The 1919 Black Sox w/ Jacob Pomrenke
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Jacob Pomrenke (jacobpomrenke.com), editor of "Scandal on the South Side: the 1919 Chicago White Sox" and current Director of Editorial Content for the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR). He joins us this week to talk about the 1919 Black Sox and the culture of gambling in sports, then and now.

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The Eight Black Sox Out were:
Eddie Cicotte - Pitcher
Oscar "Happy" Felsch - Right Field
Charles "Chick" Gandil - First Base
"Shoeless" Joe Jackson - Left Field
Fred McMullin - Utility Infielder
Charles "Swede" Risberg - Shortstop
Buck Weaver - Third Base
Lefty Wiliams - Pitcher

NBA official Tim Donaghy pleads guilty to conspiracy in the 2007 NBA betting scandal (CNN story). The ClearBuckWeaver.com website has correspondence relating to efforts through the 2010s made by Buck Weaver's descendants to get the third baseman reinstated.

Errata: Lefty Williams faced 5 batters, not 6 (Craig was right the first time) in Game 8. He allowed 4 hits (2 singles, 2 doubles) and retired the leadoff batter on an infield fly. To clarify the timeline, the Chicago grand jury referenced in the interview met in September 1920. The American League suspended the eight charged players in March 1921 and the jury acquitted them that August. The new commissioner, Judge Landis, issued the lifetime ban the next day. 

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