Hooks & Runs

156 - Baseball, Literature and "The Body Scout" w/ Lincoln Michel

June 09, 2023 A podcast about baseball, music and culture. Season 4 Episode 156
Hooks & Runs
156 - Baseball, Literature and "The Body Scout" w/ Lincoln Michel
Show Notes

This week writer, novelist and editor Lincoln Michel joins us to discuss his 2021 baseball-themed cyperpunk novel "The Body Scout" and his 2021 essay "Why is Baseball the Most Literary of Sports?" This turned into a fun conversation that also dives into baseball in science fiction, Robert Coover's "The Universal Baseball Association," what exactly is cyberpunk, and the steroid era's aftermath.

In part 2, Andrew and Craig contemplate some baseball related time travel questions.

Lincoln Michel's website (https://lincolnmichel.com/)
The Body Scout at bookshop.org:
"Why is Baseball the Most Literary of Sports" on Literary Hub (lithub.com)

Episodes referenced:
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