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165 -Suds Series Stories w/ J. Daniel

August 10, 2023 A podcast about baseball, music and culture.
Hooks & Runs
165 -Suds Series Stories w/ J. Daniel
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J. Daniel is our guest this week to talk about his new book "Suds Series: Baseball, Beer Wars and the Summer of '82." The Book is a comprehensive look at baseball and the larger culture in the season following the sport's first major labor conflict and its 1981 split season disaster. Daniel weaves the season's developments with pop culture references and the high-stakes battles between Budweiser and the Cardinals against Miller and the Brewers for both baseball and beer supremacy.

In part two, Andrew and Craig comment on the Pac-12's implosion and the exciting pennant race brewing in the National League Central.

J. Daniel's website is 80sbaseball.com.  He is on Twitter (X) @jdaniel2033, and on Facebook at 80sbaseball

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Disclosure: The University of Missouri Press provided Hooks & Runs with a pre-publication copy of "Suds Series: Baseball, Beer Wars and the Summer of '82.

The Beer & Whiskey League - Back to the Origins
"Oh, I remember that!"
Whitey's fruit basket turnover & Harvey's second act.
Suds series stories: Baseball & the art of storytelling
The 1982 playoffs
About those beer wars
Andrew & Craig talk about the Pac-12 implosion
Andrew & Craig talk about the N. L. Central pennant "chase"