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170 - How the West Was Won

October 03, 2023 A podcast about baseball, music and culture. Season 4 Episode 170
Hooks & Runs
170 - How the West Was Won
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The Houston Astros were in first place in the American League West only 18 game days in 2023, but they ended the year with another divisional title and a first round bye. In this episode Craig and Rex look at the Astros furious final weekend run to the title, Kyle Tucker's bizarre did he or didn't he chase to a 30/30 season and the four wild card match-ups. We wrap up the episode discussing the movement to retire Roberto Clemente's number 21 league wide and we return to the Astros' retired number fetish.

Errata; "Kill the Umpire" (1950) starred Wiliam Bendix and Una Merkel. Did Craig really say, "Houston played good?"

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How the west was won
Craig picks Milwaukee and Philadelphia
Craig picks Texas and Toronto
Kyle Tucker's bizarre final game 30/30 chase
On retiring Roberto Clemente's number league-wide
Craig cannot get over the Astros' retired number fetish
Future Astro retired number decisions