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171 - In Baseball, Anything Can Happen w/ Mike Felder

October 09, 2023 10-year Major League veteran Mike Felder Season 4 Episode 171
Hooks & Runs
171 - In Baseball, Anything Can Happen w/ Mike Felder
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On July 18, 1994, the Houston Astros overcame an 11-0 deficit in the Astrodome to defeat the St. Louis Cardinals 15-12. Houston Astro outfielder, Mike Felder, drove in the tying run in the Astros' 11-run sixth inning and later in the frame scored the go-ahead run. Felder, a 10-year Major League veteran, joins the show this week to talk about that game, his career and how to hit a knuckleball among other things. Felder went on to become a Major League and collegiate coach - he now coaches baseball at Contra Costa College in San Pablo, California.

ERRATA - According to Baseball-Reference.com, Mike Felder hit his first home run in County Stadium, Milwaukee.  Paul Gibson, a southpaw from Southampton NY, played 9 seasons in the Major Leagues with the Tigers, Mets and Yankees. He won 22 games, saved 11 in 319 MLB appearances. This is an MiLB write-up on El Paso's 35-21 win over Shreveport.

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"We might come back and make this thing interesting"
"We were going crazy, the fans were going crazy"
"The ball just flew out of that stadium"
"I was just blessed to have managers that just let us run"
"I ended up getting a base hit ... for my first Major League at bat"
"I hate hitting off knuckleball pitchers."
"Come on, Dusty!"
Craig and Rex talk playoff baseball