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173 - You Can't Make the World Series Playing Like the Mets at Home Apparently

October 27, 2023 A podcast about baseball, music and culture. Season 4 Episode 173
Hooks & Runs
173 - You Can't Make the World Series Playing Like the Mets at Home Apparently
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The Houston Astros 2023 season came to a close this week with Houston once again losing 4 home games in a 7 game series. Houston! We have a problem and the problem is playing in Houston! Also in this episode, the Hooks & Runs post-season awards, the Rolling Stones new album, "Hackney Diamonds," our third quarter new music picks and Craig review the Deer Tick, Country Westerns show at the Houston Heights Theater from last week.

Episodes Mentioned
52 - I Dig Attitude More Than the Sound of It w/ Country Westerns 

Third Quarter New Music Selections
Rex - Nita Strauss, "The Call of the Void" (Sumerian Records, 2023). This is the song "Surfacing."
Craig - Slowdive, "everything is alive" (Dead Oceans 2023). This the album's opening cut, "shanty." Honorable mention: Lydia Loveless, "Nothing's Gonna Stand in My Way Again" (Bloodshot Records, 2023) ("Runaway"); Sonic Youth, "Live in Brooklyn NY 2011" (Silver Current 2023) ("Sugar Kane")

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Introduction: They's Not Going to Get These Calls Anymore
That's Basically the New York Mets
The Hooks & Runs Post-Season Awards
Do We Need Another Rolling Stones Album
The Guitars Are Singing for You
Deer Tick with Country Westerns Show Review