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174 - Todd Haynes, Bob Dylan and "I'm Not There" w/ Noah Tsika

November 02, 2023 Professor Noah Tsika talks about his new book "I'm Not There" Season 4 Episode 174
Hooks & Runs
174 - Todd Haynes, Bob Dylan and "I'm Not There" w/ Noah Tsika
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Film historian and critic Noah Tsika, Professor of Media Studies at Queens College, City University of New York has a new book, "I'm Not There," being released on November 14. The book reflects on director Todd Haynes' 2007 film "I'm Not There," a wonderful, creative film about Bob Dylan. Professor Tsika joins us this week to discuss the book, the film and much, much more. 

The episode begins with Craig and Rex ruminating further on the Houston Astros' home woes.

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Introduction, more on Houston's home woes
Professor Noah Tsika
Senagal vs Nollywood
"I happen to be someone who loves both Bob Dylan and Todd Haynes"
"Copyright originates in censorship"
"Hearts of Fire," MTV and the Lost 1980s.
Billy the Kid