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175 - Classic Rock and the Pros & Cons of Nostalgia w/ Bob Ruggiero

November 11, 2023 Bob Ruggiero is our guest to talk about his new book "The Classic Rock Bob Reader" Season 4 Episode 175
Hooks & Runs
175 - Classic Rock and the Pros & Cons of Nostalgia w/ Bob Ruggiero
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Rock journalist Bob Ruggiero (Houston Press) joins the show this week to talk about his latest book, "The Classic Rock Bob Reader," released earlier this year. The book compiles interviews Ruggiero has conducted in over a quarter century in journalism. We talked about the classic rock's (and rock's) future as a genre as well as some of the many interviews in the book including Eddie Van Halen, Doug Clifford, Ronnie James Dio and more.

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Introducing Bob Ruggiero & thoughts on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
"It brings back a special memory."
Eddie Van Halen
Rob Halford, Women in Rock, Living Color
Doug Clifford & Creedence Clearwater Revival
Billy Joel, Alice Cooper, Ray Davies, feuding brothers, Bruce Springsteen, J. D. Souther, Bob Dylan
Reunion Dreams: Grand Funk Railroad, Talking Heads
Classic rock (and rock's) future & a false stop
Ronnie James Dio