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176 - Chopped and Screwed: Houston's Hip Hop Heritage w/ Langston Collin Wilkins

November 18, 2023 Professor Langston Collin Wilkins, author of Welcome 2 Houston: Hip Hop Heritage in Hustle Town Season 4 Episode 176
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176 - Chopped and Screwed: Houston's Hip Hop Heritage w/ Langston Collin Wilkins
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Professor Langston Collin Wilkins (Wisconsin-Madison) joined us this week to talk about his newly released book "Welcome 2 Houston: Hip Hop Heritage in Hustle Town" (Univ. of Illinois Press, 2023), exploring "the relationship between music creation, place attachment and local heritage within Houston, Texas’ hip hop music scene." We talked about the role of neighborhoods, the "chop and screw sound that is synonymous with Houston hip hop and local legends within the scene such as Geto Boys, Bun B and DJ Screw.

In part two, Craig and Rex discuss Jimbo Fisher's buyout and Craig Counsell leaving Milwaukee for Chicago.

 Professor Wilkins' Website (http://langstonwilkins.com/)
His Instagram (@Street_Folk)
His Twitter/X (@StreetFolkLCW)
His Houston Hip Hop Spotify Playlist

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Introducing Professor Langston Collin Wilkins
"They reproduce that pride of place ... in the music."
"It is a music style that is slow, dragging, and atmospheric in nature."
"Slab culture is the visual element of Houston hip hop"
"Houston artists really focused on making Houston identified music."
DJ Screw, Big Love, Bun B & Block Boyz Click
"The language is much cleaner and more accessible."
The Mighty D-Risha & the Screwed Up Click
Jimbo Fisher and Craig Counsell