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189 - Baseball, Chemical Warfare and The Great War w/ Jim Leeke

March 01, 2024 Jim Leeke, author of "The Gas & Flame Men: Baseball and the Chemical Warfare Service of World War I Season 5 Episode 189
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189 - Baseball, Chemical Warfare and The Great War w/ Jim Leeke
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This week's guest is Jim Leeke, author of the new book, "The Gas and Flame Men: Baseball and the Chemical Warfare Service during World War I" (Potomac Books, 2024). This is the Leeke's fifth book about baseball and the Great War authored by Leeke, a retired journalist, copywriter and U.S. Navy Veteran. We thoroughly enjoyed this chat.

This interview discusses players such as Hall of Famers Eppa Rixey, Christy Matthewson and Ty Cobb that served in the Army's Chemical Warfare Service during the "The Great War."

Leeke's other books on Baseball and The Great War are:
"Ballplayers in the Great War: Newspaper Accounts of Major Leaguers in World War I Military Service" (2013) (co-edited);
"Nine Innings for the King: The Day Wartime London Stopped for Baseball, July 4, 1918 (2015);
"From, the Dugout to the Trenches: Baseball During the Great War (2017); and
"The Best Team Over There: The Untold Story of Grover Cleveland Alexander and the Great War" (2021)

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Baseball and the Great War 1914 - 1917
The 1918 Season & the Chemical Warfare Service
Life in the Chemical Warfare Service
The 47 Days
Grover Cleveland Alexander, Eppa Rixey
Aftermath and Closing