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Ep. 76 - A Baseball Season When Hitters Reigned Supreme w/ Lew Freedman

December 01, 2021 A podcast about baseball, music and culture. Season 2 Episode 76
Hooks & Runs
Ep. 76 - A Baseball Season When Hitters Reigned Supreme w/ Lew Freedman
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Lew Freedman is a journalist and prolific author whose latest book, "1930: The Story of a Baseball Season When Hitters Reigned Supreme," examines baseball's most offensive season. Teams hit over .310, an entire league hit .300 and pitchers ran for cover. Freedman, who covered sports for the Chicago Tribune and Philadelphia Inquirer, among others. This was a fun discussion about baseball at the lively ball era's height and colorful players like Lefty O'Doul, Babe Ruth, Hack Wilson and Lefty Grove roamed the diamond.

In Chapter Two, Andrew and Craig review a busy Thanksgiving week that saw MLB teams spend over half-a-billion dollars on free agents as the CBA deadline looms.

Errata: The four-hour long 5-3 game was April 1, 2021 - the Pirates beat the Cubs at Wrigley by that score -- 11 total hits between the two teams plus 15 walks and 1 hit batter. Game time: 4 hours, zero minutes. The Spanish Flu epidemic in the United States took over 600,000 lives according to records.  The "Rodriguez" signed by Detroit, of course, is Eduardo Rodriguez.

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Andrew says check out Frank Turner's new album, "FTHC" and the songs, "Miranda," "Non Serviam," and "Haven't Been Doing So Well."
Craig says check out the new documentary from The New York Times, "Malfunction:  The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson." The director is Jodi Gomes ("The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty)

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Introducing Lew Freedman
The Crazy Lively Ball Era
The Amazing, Hapless Phillies
The Great Lefty Grove
Hack Wilson's 191
The 1930 World Series
Wrapping Up
Fruit Basket Turn Over: Free Agent Signings
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