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190 - The Jason Lane Phenomenon: Every Pitcher Tells a Story

March 10, 2024 A podcast about baseball, music and culture. Season 5 Episode 190
Hooks & Runs
190 - The Jason Lane Phenomenon: Every Pitcher Tells a Story
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Former Houston Astro Jason Lane is one of 21 pitchers in MLB history that have pitched or pitched at least 10 innings in the big leagues with a career ERA below 1.00. The list includes both Negro League players and players that played in the National Association (1871-75).

We are looking at the background and history for all 21 players in this episode -- stories that include unfortunate injuries, bad luck, military service, returns home and other fates.

Oh, believe it or not, one of the 21 players is a Baseball Hall of Fame inductee!

In Part 2, Rex leads a review and discussion about the new motion picture, "Dune, Part Two."

Errata: The correct name of the Negro League baseball database is Seamheads.com.

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Introducing the Jason Lane Phenomenon
Kody Funderburk, Andrew Saalfrank, Austin Maddox
Jason Lane, Phil Stockman, Juan Peña
Timothy Jones, Dennis Musgraves, Wilbur Lansing
John Dagenhard, John "the Sheriff" Gaddy, "Blackburn"
William "Keen Legs" Hudson, Manuel Parrado, Dan Tipple
Johnny Tillman, Leo Hafford, Charlie Comiskey
Charlie Dewald, Bill Schenck, Count Gadney
Dune, Part Two & Conclusion